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Medical Management Services (MMS) is an executive consulting group offering assistance to a wide variety of healthcare organizations to help them deal with the complex changes in the healthcare market.

We assist Hospitals, Medical Groups, Health Plans, technology companies, disease management companies and other Healthcare Vendors to understand the complex changes in healthcare and to assist them with the development of new ways of serving their markets.

Clinical Integration Associates

Health Care Reform creates opportunities for Hospitals and Physicians to work together to build clinically integrated communities.  A group of industry leaders have come together to create a multi-disciplinary team capable of developing and managing all aspects of these communities.   This collaboration consists of skilled professionals with experience in all key areas, including:

  • Healthcare Management (hospitals, medical groups, IPAs)
  • Health Plan Management and Network Development
  • Clinical Integration of Quality Metrics and Data Analysis
  • Health Information Technology (including HIE development and EHR selection and implementation)
  • Financial and Actuarial Analysis
  • Strategic Planning and Market positioning
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Governance

Clinical integration done right requires teamwork.  This team has the skills and hands on experience needed to guide hospitals, physicians and staff to build their teams to implement the clinically integrated network that you need for your community.

Clinical Integration Associates:

Lori Hack  MBA – IPA Management, HIE Development, Network Development

Jo Ellen Hylind BS, MNA – Quality Metrics, Governance, EHR Implementation

Walter Kopp MSHA – Hospital/Medical Group/IPA Management, Clinic Development

Susan Montz BSN, MBA – Clinical and Operations management, Network Development

John Price FCA, MAAA – Financial Analysis, Actuarial, Underwriting

Affiliated Advisors:

Faye Potts  - Network Development, Health Plan Management

David Soffa MD, MPA – Clinical Management/Utilization, Quality Metrics

Our team has worked with many hospitals in California to assist them in building successful teams that meet the goals of clinical integration.  To learn more about our team and how we can assist your community to position itself for healthcare reform, please contact us.

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